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USA | New Ties Strengthened

Fr. Jose Santiago, OP, places the Dominican scapular on Fr. Rafarel Diaz Delgado

In response to a request of the Master of the Order, the Dominican Friars in Puerto Rico have joined the Chicago Province of St. Albert the Great. Although the Order has been present in Puerto Rico for centuries, at present there are fewer than twelve friars there.

Just as the friars in Chicago and the friars in Puerto Rico are becoming acquainted with one another, another opportunity from the unity has emerged. Fr. Rafael Diaz Delgado, a diocesan priest in Puerto Rico (who is, in fact, a former Dominican friar) received permission to make profession as a member of the Priestly Fraternities of St. Dominic. Thus, on October 14, he made the solemn promise before Fr. Jose Santiago, OP, a member of the Chicago Province and the Vicar Provincial for Puerto Rico. His commitment to follow the Rule of the fraternities marks his return to the Family of St. Dominic after his departure as a friar many years ago.

fr. Michael Monshau, O.P.