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USA | First Online Meeting of American Promoters of the Priestly Fraternities

A pioneering collaboration took place on 19 November 2020. The first meeting of Provincial Promoters of the Priestly Fraternities of St. Dominic in the Provinces in the USA took place via online conference hosted by the General Promoter, fr. Florentino Bolo, OP. Joining him from the General Curia in Rome was the Socius of the Master of the Order for the USA, fr. Christopher Eggleton, OP, who also shared his enthusiasm for the growing cooperation among the American Provinces.

The discussion focused on the sharing of experiences with the organization of fraternities in the Provinces by the respective Promoters: fr. Michael Monshau, OP, of the Province of St. Albert the Great, Illinois (currently with four local chapters of priests); fr. Vincent Mary Kelber, OP, of the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, California (currently with one chapters of priests); fr. David Keong Seid, OP, of the Province of St. Martin de Porres, Louisiana (currently beginning the foundation of a local chapter); and fr. Albert Trudel, OP, of the Province of St. Joseph, Washington, D.C. (currently consolidating its membership in order to establish a stable chapter of priests). The meeting was noteworthy principally for the richness of practices coming from friars working in diverse parts of the country, as well as the openness of the promoters to learn from each other’s experiences.

fr. Florentino Bolo, OP