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SPAIN | Priests Gather Together in Caleruega for 14th Assembly

Don Juan Manuel Alonso Romero of the Diocese of Seville is received in the fraternity by Don Carmelo de Lara Ginés

From the 2nd to the 5th of June, the gathering of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Dominic in Spain was held in Caleruega, the hometown of St. Dominic de Guzmán. There were 19 diocesan priests who participated from different dioceses, namely, Valencia, Albacete, Cartagena, Toledo, Oviedo, León, Tuy-Vigo, Canary Islands, San Sebastián, Tarrasa, Cádiz, Asidonia-Jerez, Seville and Madrid.

Already on its 14th assembly since the creation of the group, the priests reflected on two major themes, namely, on what it means to build a fraternity of secular priests, and on the priestly spirituality as exemplified by St. Dominic de Guzmán. These topics helped set the tone for the main objective of the gathering, that is, the work of finalizing the draft of the particular directory, which was previously approved by the fraternity. Once the final document receives definitive approval by the Prior Provincial and his council, it shall serve as normative framework for the operations of the fraternity.

Among the highlights of the gathering was the manifestation of commitment of some of its members on 4 of June 2019 at the convent of St. Dominic: Don Juan Manuel Alonso Romero of the Diocese of Seville received the habit of the Order; Don Juan Jacinto del Castillo Espinosa of the Diocese of Asidonia-Jerez, and Don Juan Antonio Martín Barrera of the Diocese of Cádiz, made their solemn promise; two other priests expressed their intention to begin their journey towards eventual admission in the fraternities.

Likewise, the encounter was an occasion to celebrate liturgy and fellowship with the Dominican contemplative nuns of Olmedo, who were inaugurating a Federation composed of 11 convents. With this new structure, the nuns continue their mission of promoting Christian contemplative life, especially in places where it has not yet taken root.

As the priests ended their assembly, each of the participants returned to their ministries in their respective dioceses, grateful to God for seeing that their fraternity, which was born three years ago, continues to grow and develop, providing space for common prayer, formation and mutual support in the priestly life, all in service of the Church.

2019.06.02-05 FSD ESP Priests Gather Together in Caleruega for 14˚ Assembly | Caleruega, SPAIN