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SPAIN | Priestly Fraternity in the Province of Hispania Resumes In-Person Gathering

Br. Jesús Díaz Sariego, OP, Prior Provincial, receives the promises of Fr. Alonso and Fr. Lopez

Following the relaxation of restrictions due to the pandemic, members of the Dominican Priestly Fraternity in the Province of Hispania resumed its meetings on October 25 and 26, 2021. The priests were gathered together at the Santa Maria de Los Negrales, a place of the Teresian Association made more significant with the remains of St. Pedro Poveda, its founder, and Maria Josefa Segovia Moron, first general director, that lie therein.

Brother Juan Carlos Cordero, OP, the new Provincial Promoter of the Fraternity, presided over the first day of the assembly, where each had the opportunity to talk individually with him and express concerns and desires for the present and immediate future of the Fraternity.

With the resumption of their activities, which had been disrupted by the pandemic, there was a common desire to renew the path of following St. Dominic by revisiting and delving more profoundly in the Rule of the Fraternities. Coming together as one, affirming the bond shared with the Order and with the other brother priests, everyone endeavored to take the time and recalibrate both personally and communally as a Fraternity, and thus to reinforce their relationship as a Dominican Family.

Brother Jesús Díaz Sariego, OP, Prior Provincial of the Province of Hispania, presided over the Assembly of the Fraternity on the afternoon of the second day, after which each member expressed himself freely about how to take up again the immediate future of the Fraternity.

At the end of the encounter, everyone celebrated with great joy at the table of the Holy Eucharist, where Fr. Juan Manuel Alonso Romero and Fr. Juan Manuel Lopez Montero made their profession in the Fraternity at the hands of the Prior Provincial. Fr. Alonso of the diocese of Cadiz and Ceuta exercises his ministry as a pastor in the parish of San Antonio in Cadiz and as chaplain of the RR. MM. Concepcionistas Franciscanas. On the other hand, Fr. Lopez of the Archdiocese of Seville works as the pastor of Sta. María del Pueblo de Dios in the same capital.

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