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ITALY | Rite of Admission of Don Joseph Alexander de Leon in the Fraternity

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Don Joseph Alexander de Leon is received in the fraternity by the Provincial Promoter fr. Antonio Cocolicchio, OP

On 18 March 2019, the Dominican priestly fraternity of the Roman Province of St. Catherine of Siena formally welcomed Don Joseph Alexander de Leon in a Rite of Admission held at the Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome.

The rite of admission coincided with the regular gathering of the fraternity, which opened with the customary celebration of the Holy Eucharist with Fr. Alex as main celebrant. Immediately following the Mass was the meeting of the priests, during which a candidate presented the book of fr. Alfonso D'Amato on the fundamental constitutions of the Dominican Order. At 12:30, Fr. Alex received the scapular of the Order from the Provincial Promoter, fr. Antonio Cocolicchio, OP, at the liturgy of the hours celebrated at the basilica with the friars’ community. Also in attendance were some members of the Priestly Fraternity and of the Lay Fraternity. After the midday prayers, the priests joined the friars for lunch at the conventual refectory, where Fr. Alex was warmly congratulated and welcomed into the Order by the brethren.

Born on 13 November 1963, and ordained to the priesthood on 24 April 1992, Fr. Alex is a Filipino priest currently incardinated in the Diocese of Rome, and working as Pastor of St. Eligius Parish in Rome and Prefect of the XVIIIth Prefecture. His name in the Order is Fra Domenico Maria.

2019.03.18 FSD ITA ROM Admission of Don Alexander de Leon | Rome, ITALY