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FRANCE | French Fraternities Assemble for Common Study

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

From January 26 to 29, 2020, members of the four Priestly Fraternities under the Provinces of France and Toulouse gathered together for a common study: Saint Augustine, Blessed Alain De La Roche, Blessed Bertrand de Garrigues and Saint Mary Magdalene. Tracing the footsteps of Our Father Saint Dominic, the priests visited the places significant to the Dominican Order in Fanjeaux, Carcassonne and Toulouse.

One of the highlights of their gathering was a visit to the departmental archives of Aude, where the priests were given access to some historical documents of the Order, among which were the document on the foundation of Prouilhe, and the Bull of the Foundation of the Order by Pope Innocent III. The curator noted an interesting detail on the Bull where a correction was made on the term from “preaching” to “preachers” (praedicantibus).

In Toulouse, following their visit of the Basilica of Saint Sernin, the priests were welcomed with a festive lunch at the convent of St. Thomas Aquinas. They likewise visited the Pierre Seilhan house, which served as the friars’ first residence. Another highlight was thesolemn mass on the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas at the Church of the Jacobins, with a procession of the saint’s relics in the cloister. (Click here for a copy of the homily delivered during the Mass)

Fraternités Sacerdotales Dominicaines de France

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