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PHILIPPINES | Five Priests make Profession in the Fraternity

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Priests of the Fraternity with the Prior Provincial, fr. Gerard Francisco Timoner, OP, and other friars

In a solemn celebration of the vespers held on 30 January 2013 at the University of Santo Tomas Central Seminary Chapel, Manila, five members of the diocesan clergy made profession to live according to the Rule of the Priestly Fraternities of Saint Dominic until death. Bro. Gerard Francisco P. Timoner III, OP, Prior Provincial of the Dominican Province of the Philippines, presided over the rite, which was also attended by Bro. Filemon I. de la Cruz Jr., OP, Provincial Promoter of the Priestly Fraternity, Bro. Paul Andrew Buenaventura S. Sayon V, OP, from the Diocese of Kalibo, Prior of the Dominican Clerical Fraternity of the Philippines, Bro. Quirico T. Pedregosa Jr., OP, Rector of the UST Central Seminary, and the entire seminary community. The rite was held coinciding with the annual gathering of the Alumni Priests’ Association (ALPA) of UST, which is also an occasion for members of the fraternity to meet in fellowship with one another. The solemn-professed brothers are:

Bro. Efren A. Bongay, OP (Diocese of Tagbilaran) Bro. Kim G. Camora, OP (Diocese of Borongan) Bro. Jerome R. Secillano, OP (Archdiocese of Manila) Bro. John Jerome T. Velarde, OP (Diocese of Kalibo) Bro. Manuel H. Zagada, OP (Archdiocese of Caceres)

Sixteen novices of the fraternity, composed of seminarians and priests, were also vested with the Dominican habit a week earlier, 22 January 2013, during the celebration of the solemn vespers on the same venue presided over by Bro. de la Cruz.

Bro. Rogenil Jonathan G. Asuncion (Diocese of Laoag) Bro. Paul Angielo M. Baluya (Diocese of Surigao) Bro. Kenrich Anthony D. Bereber (Archdiocese of Capiz) Bro. Klint Kevin B. Bonite (Archdiocese of Capiz) Bro. Ralph Mikael P. Caculitan (Archdiocese of Tuguegarao) Bro. Hencel Joseph B. Gumabay (Archdiocese of Tuguegarao) Bro. Marc Stephen L. Melad (Archdiocese of Tuguegarao) Bro. John Kristoffer M. Nalam (Diocese of Tagum) Bro. Rei Joseph Lemuel R. Opina (Diocese of Maasin) Bro. Dennis Rey C. Ortojan (Diocese of Tandag) Bro. Jan Quervin P. Saavedra (Archdiocese of Tuguegarao) Bro. Gil Jun A. Sacupayo (Diocese of Tandag) Bro. Jose Mario M. Villaronte (Diocese of San Carlos) Bro. April Marcelo B. Yap (Diocese of Ipil) Bro. Jeffrey P. Alarilla (Diocese of Cabanatuan) Bro. Simplicio C. Pugasan, Jr. (Archdiocese of Cebu)

With documented membership of more than 200 brothers, which include bishops, priests and seminarians belonging to different ecclesiastical territories in the country, the Dominican Clerical Fraternity of the Philippines continues to nourish the desire of the diocesan clergy to strive for evangelical perfection as sharers in the grace and mission of the Order of Preachers.

fr. Florentino Bolo, OP