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USA | Diocesan Priests of the Province of St. Albert the Great Present Local Directory

Br. Tom McDermott with the priests of the fraternity at the Convent of St. Vincent Ferrer in River Forest

Since the inaugural meeting of invited diocesan priests on 25 June 2014, the Province of St. Albert the Great in the USA has witnessed the growth of a dedicated group of priests who journeyed together in the Dominican Family. The seven priests who were received into the fraternities on 27 February 2015 all made their promise in the following year on September 14, the same date that saw the admission of two more priests. Furthermore, with one priest making the promise in June 2015, and another received in November 2016, the fraternity-in-formation now has a total of 11 members.

With the election of the group's prior in the person of Fr. John Mary Lovitsch of the Diocese of Joliet, the priests proceeded to formulate the local norms for the envisioned fraternity, which shall have its seat at the Priory of St. Vincent Ferrer in River Forest, Illinois, USA. Composed of a total of 40 items contained in nine articles, the proposed local directory promises to be a well-crafted set of norms that would provide extensive guide to the governance of the fraternity, especially on relevant matters that are not indicated in the current Rule. This set of local norms would represent not only the existence of an independent group, but also the character and nature that is peculiar to the priests of the region.

The directory was presented during the meeting of the members with the General Promoter of the Priestly Fraternities, Br. Florentino Bolo Jr., OP, on 2 May 2017 at the Cabrini Hall of the St. Vincent Ferrer Grade School, just beside the priory. The gathering was organized by the Provincial Promoter, Br. Thomas McDermott, OP, who was also present during the meeting, together with the four professed members, namely, Fathers Dennis Paul, Matthew Pratscher, and John Lovitsch of the Diocese of Joliet, and Fr. Jordan Christopher Fetcko of the Diocese of Gary. The proposed text shall be submitted for approval by the Provincial, Br. James Marchionda, OP, and his council.

On the day preceding the meeting of the priests, fr. Tom likewise arranged for a brief conference, still on the subject of the secular priests in the Dominican Order, between fr. Florentino and the six novices of the Province, who were then visiting together with their Master, Br. Robert Keller, OP. All visitors were welcomed at the Priory of St. Vincent Ferrer by its Prior, Br. Michael DeTemple, OP.

fr. Florentino Bolo, OP