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SPAIN | 11th Meeting of the Fraternity with Rite of Admission of one Priest

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Priests of the fraternity visit the Dominican nuns of the Monasterio de Santo Domingo el Real de Madrid

On October 1-3, 2018, the now fraternity of 14 secular priests of St. Dominic in Spain assembled at the Dominican convent of Sto. Tomás de Aquino "Olivar" in Madrid. Within the atmosphere of prayer and study with the community, the priests reflected on two important themes: contemplation in the Dominican tradition; and the actual transition from a church of Christianity to a church of mission. They recognized the urgency of an apostolic spirit that is manifested in one’s way of life, rather than mere devotional exercises. Such participation in the mission of the apostles ought to develop in maintaining solidarity with the fraternity, fervor in the celebration of the liturgy, and in the life of study and perseverance in the ministry. All these take place in the same Church, from which we come, and to which we are sent as a people of God: in departure, responsible, incarnate, Christocentric, testimonial.

In the course of the gathering, the priests likewise devoted some time to visit some places and people: the human rights observatory of the Dominican family in Madrid; the parish community of Santa Maria de la Fe, Barrio Del Pilar; and the Dominican nuns of the Monasterio de Santo Domingo el Real de Madrid, which houses the baptismal font from Caleruega where St. Dominic himself was baptized. In this same convent of the contemplative nuns, Fr. Juan Manuel López Montero (Diocese of Sevilla) joined the fraternity through the rite of admission presided by fr. Francisco Rodriguez Fassio, OP, Provincial Promoter of the fraternity. The assembly concluded fittingly with a visit to the Convent of Atocha, the seat of the fraternity where likewise it was formally established two years ago.

2018.10.01-03 FSD ESP 11˚ Meeting of the Fraternity and Admission of 1 Priest | Madrid, SPAIN